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. the latest in a sagging pants this episode.
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>> and disturbing how video pick. least of the guido's as zero n on children playing. >> and as city council approves a daytime curfew for students. >> good morning this is wednesday july 13th a quick check on weather and traffic. >> i'll look at san jose more cloud cover then fog if you are along the coast it will be foggy more than anything. we had reports of
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accumulation or rain. the warmer weather we're waiting for what will be aired next week. now let's look at traffic. >> the drizzle is enough to create hazards on the bridge connections. no hotspots this at the toll plaza light traffic metering lights have not been activated. i will have another complete lot of traffic in a man. >> the case that spotlighted travel dress and also razor profiling. prosecutors in san mateo county a will not
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pursue the case. he had been arrested because of sagging pants. now we go live to welch ran. >> prosecutors had several weeks to think about this case and they decided now they're not going to bring him into court. they will reveal why they chose not to pursue a little bit later today. you remember that casey was heading back to mexico or egos is call college their carry-on evidently one of the flight crews saw that he had a baggy pants and perhaps his but cost was showing. he was arrested not because of the baggy pants but because he
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resisted the of flight crew. it brought in how the dress code and racial profiling. >> i the is the right thing today the dying was in not doing anything in their party was not a danger to anyone. i don't think it's a big deal it should not let them blown up like this bear in >> if you saw somebody was sagging pants would you say anything with that bother you? >> i which is not looked at. >> a lot of people did see this man is a cross
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dressers that flies all over the country that develop two days after the sean marmots case. he also flies u.s. air ways and passengers complained and nothing was done about that that's why the naacp got involved and several discos supervisors and there was a protest and that protester prosecutors should not go after merman. we will find out in about two hours from now >> new video coming out of the legal case the d.a.'s office is releasing this video he pled deals the and the abduction of jaycee dugard this video was taken between 1989 and 1993 this
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home video shows nancy filming children on a playground and in the video you hear him and she is clearly pointing the camera at children. in another video we're seeing a parole officer is stopped by the palvisit to his town. the parole agents of visited down over 60 times and not once the date is finding jaycee dugard.
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>> a teen curfew has been approved in concord. so what does this mean for our teenagers? >> they need to be in school during school hours. last night the city council unanimously passed this daytime curfew and the student that is in public school or needs to be in school or will be picked ups. the trusty raid as a cup become so bad. now finds will be issued if they are picked up. the first offense you will get a warning after that and fines will be imposed and then they will escalate. and it is not just
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the students the fairness been defined also this will start when the school year starts in september. you'll be picked up and could be possibly find as high as five and trawlers. >> we're following live pictures of the metrodome getting its new roof seven
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months and $7 million later. this is video when the roof collapsed back in december. building caved are right in no one was there but the vikings were forced to play elsewhere. and now this is the live picture of the roof as it begins to bubble up on tops it hopefully it is strong were and will hold a more ice and snow. we will follow these live pictures for him and we will talk about newt loopholes in airport security.
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we're getting a better look at of that low cloud cover and fox as the sun slowly comes up. it will be another chilly day today full check of the weather coming up. >> lawmakers in wars you didn't said airports are not secure enough. there were 25,000 security breaches. the security breaches are exceedingly high aid is only half-fraction of the 5.5 billion travelers. >> the space shuttle
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atlantis are focusing on the space station stockpiling. this is pictures of the space walk yesterday. both crews are unloading the cargo carrier. did there will be space trash stored on of the shuttle and bring it back to earth. >> we'll be back in a couple of minutes. the name came on the pg&e blast that happened 03 years ago we will have more on this and other stories when we return.
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the kincaids live here. across the street, the padillas. ben and his family live here, too. ben's a re/max agent, and he's a big part of this community. there are lots of reasons why re/max agents average more sales than other agents. experience, certainly. but maybe it's also because
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they care about the markets they serve and the neighbors who rely on them. nobody sells more real estate than re/max. visit today. new details from the p g and e and victims that were killed a number of homes a were destroyed. this was not told of the victims at fault language in the filing could have been more clear pg&e want a jury trial because there is still no cause for this accident. >> of our facebook fan page 8 and has been hot topic we
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have been discussing bill lawsuit filing. your comments have been pouring in it is still not sitting well. this is some of the postings. if you would like to join in on this discussion " no. 8 spot page and like us and join in the discussion we might reader comment on air. >> this is a live look of the san mateo bridge and now we will have drizzle on the lens it might be a damper on
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the span all cell. this is a quick look of temperatures we're seeing that temperatures change in the past 24 hours. this is a look of the temperatures currently around the bay area. we will slowly warmup was this fog lives. it is breaking ups along the peninsula coastline. we'd take a look of fog tracker to see when this fall will lift. by 3:00 p.m. most
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upset of will be gone except for along the coast than of the fog will continue to come back again overnight. in a warm slightly by the afternoon. and a look of your seven days we're going to have cool temperatures this week and then saturday it starts to warm up possibly 90 degree weather on a tuesday or wednesday. now a look at traffic >> no major incidents or delays it appears that the
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leader in lights have just been activated at this toll plaza. you will need your windshield wipers if you're driving this morning at the san mateo bridge wet pavement. the golden gate bridge no traffic delays traffic moving very well. and our james lick camera
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everything is moving smoothly. public transit no delays or problems. >> the california is the committee has approved. police in tuition. the students will have to pay approximately $600 a i year more. >> 623 is the time right now. we'll take a live look outside from our mt. tam cam you see the trees blowing but there is a lot
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>> >> is a quick look at whether -- weather. this afternoon,
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temperatures are again below normal. here is the forecast right now. we are seeing temperatures about 55 and san francisco 60 in san jose at the moment. this afternoon we will see temperatures warming was a false pulls back. storm tracker 4 showing us by 10:00 a.m. it will pull back enough that maybe congress will be in the clear but oakland, the nimitz freeway and communities along that route will still be an overcast fall deconditions. by 3:00 p.m. this afternoon, the coastline will be the only place dealing with cloud cover and then, it will research again as we head
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towards the evening hours towards tomorrow morning. here is where the numbers will go this afternoon. a high of 69 for santa rosa and napa. 73 for fairfield, upper 50s and low sixties for san francisco. " 68 for san jose, low 70's in livermore. here is where the next seven days will take us. we are continuing with the cold trend through friday and then inland temperatures in the '80s. a lot of sunshine but it will be mild. the summertime 90 degree weather will not come back to the day until maybe tuesday of next week. >> the morning. we are still looking at a quite commute for the bay area. on highway 12 near the san mckean county line there is a report of an overturned big rig. it has not shut down the
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for throwaway but it is a blocking the road away. on the bay bridge and the metering lights have been activated but it is still a good ride. not much of a back up. slow in the heaviest lanes from the 880 over crossing. there are no wind advisories. we have been hot spot 40 in the bay area. the san mateo bridge is looking good. you can see a hazy picture, not because it is a foggy, that is condensation, and drizzle on the lens of the camera. it is the same thing you will contend with on your vehicle as you are driving. your ride on the golden gate bridge, you may encounter drizzle and wet pavement. the metal strips, the expansion joints, especially when they are near a turn can be slippery when wet. the mindful of that as you are driving around in the drizzle. to the south bay, a quick look at san jose. 101
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northbound looks great. no back up or delay on the bayshore freeway northbound. public transit still looks good for barge, ace train, caltran, no delays or 40. >> new details and the officer involved shooting at the civic center board station a week ago. bart police chief announced yesterday that the suspect was a transient was armed with a ball and to knives. he was ordered to drop his weapons but instead police say that he charged at an officer with both knives and hand. as the officer opened fire, killing him. in addition to bart police, san francisco please into the san francisco da office as well as an independent auditor are reviewing this case. >> a fund raiser is being held in san francisco to mark the twenty ninth birthday of a california berkeley student detained in iran. shane our and his fiancee along with a friend were all arrested on july 31,
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2009, while hiding in iraq near the iranian border. their trials have been postponed. there are set to begin at the end of the month. money raised in the event will help to pay for their legal fees as well as the media campaign into getting them released from prison. the family of this missing nursing student opposed flyers tonight in the east bay. they are asking people who are around hayward and kaiser area, the entrance to the niles canyon area to be on the lookout, if they have seen michelle le, the reward has increased to $100,000. she was last seen leaving kaiser hospital 47 days ago. her family and volunteers have continued their search. there is going to be another search on friday of the hayward police are
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not searching, they're looking for clues about her killing. they're treating this as a homicide. >> the latest out of santa clara, the city council will be giving joe montana 18 months exclusively with to develop a proposal. this exclusive negotiating agreement is for the land located across from the proposed forty-niners stadium. montana and his developing group which includes former owner 80 barlow jr. are interested in leasing to city old plots. and luxury hotel, restaurant and a sports bar. the mayor says the deal is good for santa clara. >> it is important enough that the city never sells the land. we are leasing the land for fair market value. this party that the city would continue to own received these payments, sales tax and other sales benefits in addition to the jobs. it is a good fit for santa clara. it is what we envision for the property all along. >> montana will have a year and a half to create and submit his
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proposal. the council does not like it, they will then except other offers. >> 6:51 a.m.. we are back with more and a couple of minutes. here is a look from the mt. tam cam. we still cannot see a thing. it is pretty windy. her in this pattern continues and our weather, we will tell you in the sunshine will be back.
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>> sherwood schwartz is dead at the age of 94. he created, produced and wrote the infectious things on to golden's island and the brady bunch. inducted into the television hall of fame back into thousand eight. his nephew created they watch. television hits run in the family. >> those songs do get stuck in your head. >> bay area weather. we could use some they watch weather. the fog is hanging tough. foggy, windy and cold. we are starting to warm up a bit for saturday and sunday. below normal temperatures and wind.
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>> they what is best watched with the sound down. that is what you do not know the things on. [laughter] >> 6:57 a.m., we're back with more and a couple of minutes.
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